Dorian scale

I introduced the arrangement of the chord progression concerning a de-diagram tonic mainly until the last time.

I introduce a de-major scale / de-minor scale from here. At first the dorian scale that is used on a minor chord. The scale that I put it up, and did a semitone of m13th of the natural minor scale in 13th.

Dorian scale

how to use?

A Blues can just use an A durian. In addition, I can use it at the time of minor code of the dominant note (subdominant chord minor) modulation. It is most basically that this dorian scale is used on a chord of m7 system. I prepared for a music example in the subdominant chord minor.

Dorian scale

The scale that there is the intellectual mood in some way. It is used by jazz and the blues well. It is a digression, but tension sound of 9th,11th,13th sounds when I play the F dorian scale in a Fm chord thoroughly and hears it very smartly (in when I am too lengthy

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