Partial modulation

Fors one measure and two beats do a modulation temporarily; and "!" "And technique to hark back to. It is jazz fusion required technique. The dominant note (in English): Two kinds of introductions of a subdominant chord minor) modulation and the two five modulation.

A dominant note (subdominant chord minor) modulation

It is the method that borrows a chord from a diagram tonic of the C minor if a key is C major. I make a modulation in a minor key temporarily. (By the way, the C minor diagram tonic uses only the sound of the C minor scale, and the law that a C major diagram tonic was settled for with only the sound of the C major scale is made.) I will learn the minor diagram tonic incidentally.

The progress example that I used a dominant note (subdominant chord minor) modulation for

two five modulation

There are IIm7 => V7 => IM7 (a major version) and a thing called IIm7b5 => V7 => Im7 (a minor version) by usual progress of the jazz and is called two five one.

I "am super natural, and this two five one is the stuff which I can use anywhere if I is a sound in the diagram tonic for nice progress. I will watch a concrete example.

two five modulation(major version)

two five modulation(major version)

two five modulation(minor version)

two five modulation(minor version)

The jazz fusion enumerates such a partial modulations for a string and keeps making a modulation steadily. At first how will about it when the theory that pop music and a diagram tonic such as the lock become a base includes it in the genre that it is comparatively easy partially and practices it?

Supplement: When I made a partial modulation, how does the scale turn out?

If it refuses a dominant note (subdominant chord minor) modulation in a minor scale (if it makes a dominant note modulation on a C minor key from a C major key, C minor scale), it is OK. I am simple.

Being used to it is necessary in the case of the two five modulation. I play the scale falling under "I" of a point doing a two five modulation. For example, I play the second measure on a F major scale by the upper music example "two five modulation" (a major version) because "5=>1 1 is F major".

"The two five modulation" (a minor version) is slightly special. I am very complexed.

As for V, it is it in Vm7 not seventh when I watch "the diagram hair tonic which I introduced to the top of this page for minor". Then where would "V7" of "the two five modulation" (a minor version) come over from?

In fact, there are two another scales in a minor key other than a minor scale. I am complexed. It is "harmonic minor scale" and "Melo Dick minor scale", and these deserve a scale having V7. Therefore, it is necessary for the point that used "a two five modulation" (a minor version) to use either this "harmonic minor scale" or "Melo Dick minor scale".

A harmonic minor scale

A Melodick minor scale

To classify the scales that usually call a minor scale with two above; there are "a natural minor scale" and a thing calling it. Bean knowledge.

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