Diatonic excercise

I classify seven diagram tonics in 3 every role before introducing the practical application method of the diagram tonic. I introduced it last time when I could classify I, IV, V in a kind called the tonic subdominant chord dominant each. I IV V is basics of the basic inside, but can classify the diagram tonic chords except it in every role, too.

  • A tonic system chord(Stability): I, IIIm, VIm
  • A subdominant chord system chord(Genus uneasiness): IIm, IV
  • A dominant system chord(Uneasiness): V, VIImb7

I replace the chord of the relative and am possible

I replace it and am before it: I, IV, V, I (a key): C major "C, F, G, C")

C , F , G , C

After replacing it: IIIm, IIm, V, VIm (a key): C major "Em, Dm, G, Am")

Em , Dm , G , Am

When I want to increase the variations of the chord progression, I can change an atmosphere without progress collapsing even if I replace the chord of the system each. This is called a substitution chord.

Chord progression practical use example

| Dm | G | C | Am | (IIm, V, I, VIm)

| Dm | G | C | Am | (IIm, V, I, VIm)

The version that began a special chord progression to be cool from 2 successively endlessly to be called a circulation chord (1=>6=>2=>5). The music to begin with 2 becomes stylish in some way.

| F | G | Em | Am | (IV, V, IIIm, VIm)

| F | G | Em | Am | (IV, V, IIIm, VIm)

I switch over from a subdominant chord to an opening, dominant immediately, and the chord progression-style that a tonic system chord continues is a frequent appearance comparatively.

The guitar lecture intermediate is as above. Thank you. I make a phrase with a scale if I arrive at here and think that it came to be possible for composition by touching a chord in a diagram tonic.

I want to develop music theory for the person whom I "am more aggressive and want to arrange" in the next clause, the guitar lecture upper grade. I understand contents to intermediate enough and think that you can see it after having acquired practice by composition.

A list of guitar lecture middle's class lectures

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