Diatonic chord

What is Diatonic chord?

It is assumed that I made a phrase with a C major scale.

Then what kind of code should I keep? I cannot attach it at random. It is necessary to make a chord with only the sound of the C major scale. I call this rule "a diagram tonic chord".

It is a C major diagram tonic chord as follows. A scale is similar and I use several characters so that a key may change and transcribe the diagram tonic chord and think that I should learn it.

Diatonic chord

The above is a triad of three dumplings. I already attach one dumpling, and there are four chord versions, too. You may use which, but, as for three chords, a straight feeling, four chords sound like a gorgeous feeling. Let's have a good command of it by music.

Diatonic chord

If it observes this diagram tonic chord, it is gone to do the incoherent accompaniment that took off a key.

The way of memorizing with the guitar

Diatinic by guitar

I described C major for an example. Six eight string frets are C. Let's arrive at a diagram tonic from here.I assume six eight string frets I, and two fret (for the diatonic scale) tops become the root sound of IIIm on two frets (for the diatonic scale) in a root sound, watches of the night of IIm. I am reflected in five strings, and a root sound of V is a route sound of VIm on two frets (for the diatonic scale) eight frets more a root sound of IV, the two fret (for the diatonic scale) tops.

I arrive at a diagram tonic from C of five three string frets this time.

I become the form such as the rectangle when I arrive from six strings, and it is it in the form that seems to be the block which comes out by Tetris when I arrive from five strings. I think it to be easy to learn it when I recognize it in form.

(there was VIIm7b5 on a diagram tonic, but omitted it because it was delete kid which was hardly used to simplify it at this time.) When I use it by all means, one fret bottom (C major 6, seven string frets, five two string fret) of I becomes the root sound;).

The chord that I, IV, V are regarded as important in particular

I call subdominant chord, V dominant in tonic, IV in I. This always has a role on a chord each,

  • A tonic: The chord which gives a sense of stability to calm
  • A subdominant chord: The chord of the filler to lead to the dominant
  • Dominant: The chord which drives jitters

It is important how the chord progression acquires an intonation and is boring only in a tonic in it, and it seems to be drama of the leading role villain absence only in a subdominant chord and is uneasy only in dominant. Is full of expressions by refusing stability / a filler / uneasiness in order; is accompanied.

The chord progression which is Stan dirt course most which displayed I, IV, V

Music example 1:I, IV, V, I (a key): C major "C, F, G, C")

C , F , G , C

It is a chord progression called I => IV => V => I. I begin with stability and end in uneasiness by the guidance, stability. A comfortable straight impression does it.

As well as the progress mentioned above, there is the various aggravation pattern that I used a diagram tonic chord for. I summarize them on the next time and introduce it.

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