C major scale & A minor scale

I introduced "the scale of five musical scales" called "pentatonic" so far. I introduce the scale that added two sounds to a musical scale of the pentatonic this time. At first, judging from the C major scale that expanded C major pentatonic, let's go.

C major scale

C major scale

A minor scale

A minor scale

A C major scale and the A minor scale are scales made with the totally same musical scale as above. I can give last explanation about this by a way of thinking of "A major pentatonic easily if I lower it by 3f".

Relations of the C major = A minor

Sound 6 of C becomes eight frets of the string. I become "the C minor scale" when I flip familiar minor pentatonic here. Three frets were to lower it and told you that I changed into "a minor => measure" last time. This can say the same thing by the relations of this major scale minor scale as well as pentatonic.

A C major scale and the A minor scale consist of the same musical scale. These relations are called "the dominant note" (Parallel Keys) by a music term.

I do not understand it whether it is A minor whether it is C major that oneself plays

Because I am the same, I judge the sound using whether I "am gloomy" whether a phrase "is bright". I prepared for a music example of bright music and dark music. Please sense it bodily while playing it.

Music example 1: C major scale(Bright music)

show large image.

Music example 2: An A minor scale(Dark music)

show large image.

It becomes light and darkens how I display a phrase and chords, but is divided. Of the beginning discounted for an art The first sound, Melody changes completely whether you make a sound of the end C sound which is 1st of the measure whether you do it for A sound which is 1st of the minor.

It is really usual to use this major scale minor scale than pentatonic when it composes it. I think that I help the making of original music when I learn it early and am used. Paradoxically, I think that I should be careful about gloomy melody of the minor that is not over by A sound if I want to make it the bright melody of the measure not to be over by C sound if I want to do it.

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