Extend A minor pentatonic

I capture the position outskirts

As well as six string .5 string positions mentioned above, there is the sound of the natural scale on a fingerboard. I will take the scale sound to use good around a position.

The part which I surrounded with a red square is a position to use frequently. I think it to be easy to play it when aware of playing it by slides smoothly.

Expansion of A minor pentatonic scale

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m3rd, b5th,m7th is blue note

There is it in bluesy, and there is machete, and a phrase splits open when I use blue note effectively. Because m3rd and m7th are already constitution sounds of minor pentatonic, b5th grasps a key here.

blue note

I think that I became the road edge like the blues. But I think that I am puzzled how I should have played it only by only Buddhist preaching having increased while I am not used. Please play it while checking how blue note is used in lower music example.

Music example 1: The solo which made full use of A minor pentatonic expansion and blue note

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Though it is hard rock, how about the melody of the back? Will not you be known like the blues? Please sense sorrow / sorrow of the blue note bodily.

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