Ad lib by A minor pentatonic

About scale and Key

When A Minor Pentatonic Scale translates it literally, it is "five musical scales to be settled down to A darkly". There is "the sound that you may use through one piece" in music. A-like (a musical scale to be settled down to Key) darkly says the aggregate of the sound that I picked up with A minor pentatonic scale.

I use the sound of 5 called m3rd,11th,5th,m7th as 1st in A. The melody that does not get # and b is just a characteristic of A minor pentatonic scale.

I play it many times repeatedly, and please make six string position .5 string positions a bad habit of stealing. Please challenge lower music example if used.

A minor pentatonic etude

show large size.

Rock and the blues scale.I make a phrase for oneself if used, and I change Key, and please practice.

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