Slide down 3Fret = A major

A code is similar, and a scale has major and minor.

A major pentatonic scale is a meaning of "five musical scales to be settled down to A sound brightly", and the constitution sound is 1st 9th M3rd 5th 13th. Constitution sounds are different, but 1st has same A sound. In fact, I lower this A major pentatonic scale, A minor pentatonic scale 3 for a fret and have only to play it.

Amajor pentatonic scale

It is the same form wonderfully. I play it, and please really confirm a form.

Amajor pentatonic scale

Amajor pentatonic scale

The performance of the back is the blues of usual A-like. I think that I feel slightly pastoral. The blues of A-like is special music that A minor penta and A major penta are usable. Because I become serious when I do this by pop music, please be careful.

Music example 1:The A blues in major pentatonic scale

show large image.

A minor pentatonic = C major pentatonic

Would you notice it saying that it was a musical scale totally same as F# minor pentatonic when you watched A major pentatonic? I move this, and C major pentatonic tonic can be said to be the same as A minor pentatonic tonic when I think.

This says a parallel key by a music term. The memorizing of the scale is early when I make a habit of playing it while thinking that it is Cmaj, and the scale which oneself plays is Am now apart from a term.

I can think only in minor pentatonic on the guitar and do not need major pentatonic, and the which thinks so may come. But what the meaning to have divides it in what is totally different daringly, and each sound learns 2 is important even if the constitution sound is the same.

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