Try to move 'CDEFGAB'

It is C = 1st last time. Then if it is D = 1st?

I introduced a numbering when I assumed a doh 1st last time. I will watch what kind of change there is when 1st became the re by the application this time.

Think that play the guitar, and noticed,; but the interval of the sound of do-re-mi ... With the whole tone (an interval for two frets) I think that I had it of two ways of the semitone (an interval for one fret). Of "all all all all all odd numbers odd numbers" think that was arranged.

Please play it even if 1st became the re without changing it at the interval of the sound. When I refuse distance in the state that I followed Though I should flip Remy F#~, I think that a mysterious feeling flipping do-re-mi ... does it for some reason.

Music example 1:D = 1st

Music example 1:D = 1st

This; please be used to "playing it without changing the distance of the sound".

I pat it, and this is necessary?

There is "the sound that you may use through one piece" in music, and the most basic thing is do-re-mi ... which assumed "do" the first sound (1st).

The interval of the sound of this do-re-mi ... "all all odd numbers all, all; when follow all odd numbers", can play it neatly without taking off a sound.

Because there are many cases that a sound except the "do" becomes 1st as for the music, it is necessary to fit that I am in condition to have done various sounds with 1st and protect an interval and play it.

In addition, the practical know-how is here because I introduce it at intermediate It is OK at degree to be used to.

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