Another name of 'CDEFGAB'

I try to express a do-re-mi in other words with a number

In addition, I regard a certain sound (here, C) as 1st, and a method I can be accompanied, and to think about a number in turn is common for the music theory. As matters that require attention

  • Go around 8th 1st
  • 2nd 4th 6th is special, 9th 11th 13th and notation(Tension sound)
  • As for 3rd and 7th, normal M3rd, the semitone bottom I do special notation called m3rd

In addition, I can be accompanied and express Sharp and a flat about a doh and the sound of the gap like the interval of the re as follows. These curricula are enough just to have you learn a lower sheet of music in this page.

A way of the number notation for the octave

A way of the number notation for the octave

about the tension sound, does it with "tension chord". I am light, and, judging from a sound (this music example, C) that they selected as 1st, 3,5,7 please learn 9,11,13 with discount by the relations that had a strong connection here. It was another name of the do-re-mi as things mentioned above.

Supplement: The frequency distribution map on the guitar fingerboard when I assumed C 1st

I expressed CDEFGAB in other words to a number on a guitar. When the easy one learns position relations when "two octaves of 1st of five three string frets "are 5th than two two fret high-pitched tone fret high-pitched tones of the string next to 1st" of the next string", a chord to introduce from the next time is good and can understand it.

A list of guitar lecture beginner's class lectures

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