Chord Pattern

I introduce the way that makes various chords with oneself from a C chord. When this is made, Any kind of chord is held without a code book. At first can go on reading it while referring to it because I made position relations of the frequency in six string route .5 string routes a fingerboard list.

I make other chords from the C chord of six string routes

If if lower M3rd of the samisen of the C chord by a semitone, lower Cm, 1st 1 of four strings by a sound; the completion of C7.

I become Cm7 if I lower a semitone by CmM7 more if a semitone moves 1st of four strings of the Cm.

The tension chord is this street, too. Because I am calm as a general rule even if I omit 1st except 1st of six strings which are a route and 5th,It is often that I move 1st and 5th when I make a tension chord.

I made C informal and derived CM7 from there. This is held easily.

It is easy to come to add tension sound in this way when I make it informal.

The chord complicated at a glance can arrive easily if I pass through a stage in this way. I want I play C6(9) by all means because it is a rare chord omitting M3rd and to listen.

I make it from the C chord of five string routes

Other chords can derive even a five-stringed biwa root from a C chord likewise.

I should be able to make a chord with one's power afterward if I get possible to do it to here.

Thank you. The guitar lecture beginner's class is the end in this. I finally capture a solo play at the next intermediate.

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