Chord made by 3 notes

What is chord?

When three sounds of 5 degrees (5th) gather three times (3rd) once (1st), and the chord sounds at the same time, it is encoded. I can classify roughly to two kinds of major chord and minor chord. If 3 degrees sound is long third (M3rd), major chord, a minor third (m3rd) are minor chord. I compare it with the clause of another name of the do-re-mi, and please confirm whether the constitution sound of the chord uses how the remote sound from 1st each.

C chord (C major chord) and a Cm chord(C minor chord)

C chord(C major chord)

C chord(C major chord)

Cm chord(C minor chord)

Cm chord(C minor chord)

One sound says a root sound and just becomes the name of the chord. I play it, and please really sense the difference of the atmosphere of two chords bodily.

Various chords split open just to move it

I will get possible to flip major chord and minor chord by various roots sound. There is usually the root sound of the chord for the low sound of six strings or five strings.

At first, at the time of code of six string routes, please remember the E chord which I used an opening string for. For example, it is assumed that I wanted to play the F chord. Six string F suppresses all a certain one frets by a forefinger. In the state, please seize a form of E. With that alone an F chord is completed.

In addition, what will you do when you make an E chord Em? I think that one only sound notices a thing different in only one fret share, besides, when I compare upper music example 1 and 2. Because the sound of three strings is M 3rd, I transform myself into a minor chord only by a semitone lowering it.

I moved the E chord of six string routes.

Various chords split open just to move a fret to hold in this way.

I remember the A chord which I used an opening string for and can think about the chord of five string routes in the same way. In this case I lower the sound of two strings to transform itself into minor.

I moved the A chord of five string routes.

A special chord of 3 sound

There is the chord made of 3 sounds elsewhere. At first from Csus4 which a semitone nominated M 3rd of C for.

Csus4 chord(With sus, 3 degrees meaning is put)

Csus4 chord

Because it is a chord with light and feel like floating, there are many flows a semitone lowers 4th after having played the sus4 chord, and to play the measure chord.

2 are the chords which let you give 5 degrees sound in a semitone as follows. There is the sound that too general, is unstable at all so far when I compare it with the chord which came out.

C(b 5) and C(# 5)

C(b 5) chord(The thing which a semitone hung 5th of the C chord on)

C(b 5)

C(# 5) chord (The thing which a semitone nominated 5th of the C chord for)

C(# 5)

I think that I should learn it because I appear by jazz and pop music frequently comparatively.

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